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Can Vitamin D Affect the Immune System?

Vitamin D benefits have perhaps been talked more about in the last year, than ever before.  Yes, Vitamin D aids with so many conditions!

Vitamin D has an effect on muscle strength, as we learned from our last blog. And, interestingly, vitamin D acts more like a pre-steroid, than a true vitamin. It requires the liver to break it down and it’s not, in its natural form, water soluble.

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Many people lack vitamin D.  

Doctors assess this from your blood.  Vitamin D levels tend to be related to seasonal effects (less sun). However, during the warmer months we are advised to use plenty of sunscreen. This blocks the synthesis of vitamin D in our skin. Effectually, the cholecalciferol is synthesized in the skin and then has to be converted to the active form called Calcitriol from the kidneys through the liver.


The good thing about vitamin D is that it can be easily supplemented.

Food sources are good, but not great, as the doses are not large enough for our needs. For this reason, healthcare providers are very active with prescribing and recommending vitamin D. And, although there are some problems with the current form of administrating vitamin D, not too many healthcare providers discuss this with patients.  


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One of the amazing positive effects of vitamin D is on the immune system.  

This has been documented for some time.  And, within discussions about the current pandemic there is now even more focus.  Vitamin D and Immune Function, a study published by Barbara Prietl, et al, in the journal Nutrients, discusses the topic of vitamin D and how it addresses the immune system, in detail. First, the study discusses in vitro (outside the body) and shows vitamin D modulating innate immune cells.  Then, it discusses in vivo (in the body) studies, in animals and humans, demonstrating the positive effects on vitamin D on the immune system.


Working through the immune system, vitamin D also has anti-inflammatory effects. In addition to the effects on the immune system directly, vitamin D has also been shown to help with autoimmune diseases. 

The authors go in to some detail about the dangers of not getting enough vitamin D. We all hear how we need it, but what happens if we don’t get enough? It goes beyond just the common bone density issue. In fact, a lack of vitamin D can lead to an increased risk of autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis.


Another good read on Vitamin D and the current pandemic can be found in the journal Nature.  The study found increased mortality with people who were deficient in Vitamin D.  This is quite important information.  The British Medical Journal also presented great information about Vitamin D and the pandemic. 


Needless to say, vitamin D is vital for not only our survival, but for optimal health.

Our finale blog about vitamin D discusses how vitamin D is currently administered and how Noetic has created a better, safer way to consume it.

It is our goal at Noetic to offer you unique and healthy products that will improve your health and lifestyle!

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