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CBD Nano Bursts™ Fruit Chews are Here!

We searched and searched and searched and simply were not able to find a CBD ‘gummy’ product that meets our standards.  In response to this, we decided to go a different course: create our own.  We partnered with a Nanotechnology specialist on the West Coast to create a 100% unique and unmatched product.  It is now completed and we are very excited about this.

We introduce to you the newest innovative and unique product in the Noetic Nutraceuticals line: CBD Nano Bursts™.  So, what is so great about these tasty morsels?  To start, they  use only organic and natural ingredients and they ‘burst’ with flavor and CBD absorption.

Unlike ‘gummy’ products that usually use pork gelatin (yuck!) along with low quality sweeteners such as corn syrup or wheat based glucose (not great for those with wheat allergies) and artificial food colorings, our CBD Nano Bursts™ contain none of the above.

We have created the ultimate CBD product.  It is pectin based with only 1.25 grams of organic cane sugar!  Why any sugar at all?  You need to have sugar to blend with the pectin to help it harden.  Otherwise, you have no product.  Do not fear the 1.25 grams of organic cane sugar (this, coming from an insulin dependent diabetic) for all additional sweetness comes from organic monk fruit, which has no effect on blood glucose.  For that matter, the CBD Nano Bursts™ are only 5 calories.

As far as food colorings go, we don’t use or even need any.  Our flavors are derived from natural food sources and you can taste the difference.  As is one of the taglines that our partner company uses, you can ‘Taste the PotencyTM’.

Now, onto why this product is totally unique and unparalleled on the market.  CBD oil, isolate, etc… is an oil/fat based delivery system.  Simply put, it clumps. This means that the body has to work very hard to separate the CBD from the oil in order to break it down and make it bioavailable.  To digest the CBD, the body needs to bring in free fatty acids, mixed micelles, and bile salts.  Due to this fact, non-nano CBD, which is what most every tincture and edible product on the market use, provide only about 20-25% absorption.  This means your 10 mg of CBD is only really 2-2.5 mg that you absorb.  Why pay for something that you are not absorbing?

Our CBD Nano Bursts™ provide a completely different delivery system.  Nano technology allows us to separate each molecule of CBD so that the body does not have to work as hard to assimilate the CBD.  Each molecule is tiny…so tiny that they are under 100 nanometers in size.  This means they are 100x smaller than a red blood cell.  Each Nano particle is coated by a micelle, which is a fatty acid layer that the body readily uses to transport all types of vital molecules. In effect, a micelle coating makes the CBD ‘pre-digested.’  By coating each molecule, we also immensely increase the surface area of the CBD particles.  This gives the body a lot more exposure to the molecules and increases absorption/bioavailability by a factor of 4-5 times.  This is a tremendous absorption increase.

The benefit of Nano technology is that it allows the CBD to easily absorb through the GI tract.  It even goes beyond this.  Our Nano particles carry a high surface charge using an electric double bilayer.  This allows them to be attracted to the cells in the stomach lining, providing for near full absorption and faster levels of CBD in the bloodstream.  Studies with Nanotechnology based supplements have shown a 90-95% absorption rate. Wow!  Remember, compare this to the low absorption rate for oil based CBD products.  In addition, Nano CBD does not go through ‘first pass’, which is initial filtering in the liver.

If all this information isn’t enough to excite you, our CBD Nano Bursts™  come in 5 tasty flavors!

We offer you our CBD Nano Bursts™ in three concentrations: 2.5 mg, 5 mg, and 10 mg.  Our 2.5 mg offers you the absorption of a standard 10 mg oral CBD product, the 5 mg is equal to a 20-25 mg CBD product, and our 10 mg Burst gives you the CBD bioavailability equivalency of 40-50 mg CBD.

The 2.5 and 5 mg concentrations are available on the website and through Noetic Nutraceuticals, LLC authorized resellers and our 10 mg concentration will be available through healthcare providers only (they’re part of the HCP Line of products).  If you love the 2.5 and 5 mg versions and wish to obtain the 10 mg concentration, please ask your favorite healthcare provider to obtain them for you.

At Noetic Nutraceuticals, we make Products with a PurposeTM.  The purpose of our CBD Nano Bursts™ is to deliver to you an unmatched tasty CBD product that has the highest absorption rate possible.  Enjoy!

**Many people ask if they should use our nasal spray, vapes, or bursts in place of a tincture.  This is a great question.  We prefer to approach the use of CBD as a basal/bolus effect.  Our tinctures offer phytonutrient rich CBD with the benefits of the hemp and grape seed oils.  This acts as your ‘basal’ supplement of CBD.  For the ‘bolus’ supplement, to be used for the extra amount needed to help with particular issues or at certain times, our nasal, vapes, and/or bursts are perfect for this application.  Many people benefit from the combination of applications vs. just one.  Hope this helps answer any concerns and if you have any questions, please ask below.

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