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Freeze-eaze and Why It Works So Well

Many people are excited about our proprietary Freeze-eaze and what is doing for them. We want to thank all of you who put your trust in Noetic Nutraceuticals and I will now touch on why this product works so well.

We are aware of the importance of the entourage effect vs. isolates when we talk about cannabinoids. Our tinctures adhere to this principle as this allows for optimal synergy amongst the cannabinoids.  Interestingly, ingestion and topical application don’t always follow the same rules. If formulated properly, CBD in oil form can work quite well topically, but we have found that in cases like with Freeze-eaze, the CBD isolate works as well, if not better. Besides many believing that water soluble products absorb through the skin more readily than oils, Freeze-eaze is unique in its delivery system.  Although we cannot share trade secrets, Freeze-eaze is essentially a ‘water soluble’ CBD…NOT the standard fat soluble CBD that is found in most all other topical CBD oils and lotions.

It is a very cost effective option as it is derived from hemp (industrial), not from cannabis (marijuana grown for high THC levels).   People are finding that it replaces over-the-counter pain medications (please read our testimonials) and science is proving the power of CBD in regards to pain relief and reduction of inflammation.  (please read our blogs to learn more about how CBD may help you function at a more optimal level)

This brings up another topic.  THC directly hits the CB1 receptors that are mostly found in the brain, CNS, and organs.  We get the sensation of feeling ‘high’ because it is not a self-regulating process.  CBD works differently, by more of an indirect pathway.  It also allows for the body to regulate the endocannabinoid function.  By reducing the enzymes FAAH and MAGL, CBD allows Anandamide (your body’s version of THC) and 2-AG (which affects CB1 and CB2 receptors) to work.   This is very interesting as the immune function that governs pain and inflammation is affected by the CB2 receptor and CBD, unlike THC, helps this pathway through the 2-AG activation.

For those who use medical marijuana, CBD plays an important role in not only negating the effects of feeling ‘high’, but also with activating the CB2 receptors.  This is a win:win for everyone!

We have the CBD in Freeze-eaze put into an alcohol/water suspension.  This is why the product is so unique. Some oil-based products work well but many do not. Penetrating the skin with oils is always an interesting topic as some oils can achieve this well while others do not.  With Freeze-eaze, we get around any potential problems. Freeze-eaze contains a combination of several ingredients that help CBD get into your skin/body when applied topically.

We offer two concentrations of CBD in the Freeze-eaze, 300 mg and a stronger healthcare provider product.  The medical version contains 450mg of CBD, as they tend to work with those who suffer from chronic and more serious pain issues  For most users, the 300mg concentration is more than sufficient.

Users of Freeze-eaze say that it takes about 20-30 seconds after application before they feel the difference.  People are also saying that it helps with pain reduction for many hours.  Those using the higher CBD concentration have told us that the pain relief lasts for a longer period of time but both products work very well.  It is only necessary to spray an area with one or two sprays and rub it in to get desired effects. There is no need to coat an area as the product works efficiently.

If you have not yet tried Freeze-eaze, now is a great time to give it a try.  We are convinced that you will find that it works like no other product on the market.  It does not just cover pain you might be having like other hot/cold creams and lotions on the market.  It allows your neurological system to respond to the pain you are experiencing and may help remove the cause.  In this regard, it is truly unique.

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