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Our Gummies: Where We Are and How Amazing They Will Be!

We are happy to announce that we are almost complete with our new CBD Nano BurstsTM.  Needless to say, they’ll be AWESOME!

Dr. Manison has networked with a super nanotechnology specialist and his team has been working hard to produce a truly unique vegan gummy-like product.  This has been a very exciting process.  We had been working for some time to find a good quality product from a reliable source but unfortunately, nothing exists that meets our standards. Due to this, we decided to start at ground level and find people who could build what we are looking for so that we could bring an unparalleled product to market.  We needed to find someone as obsessive about product quality as Dr. Manison…and lo and behold, we found the right guy!

Working hard to make the best quality gummy-like product in the industry requires lots of time and trials! We are almost there!

To better understand how our bursts are different from any gummy-like product on the market: we are not using any artificial food colorings, pork or other meat/fish gelatins, low quality/dangerous artificial sweeteners, and/or any other poor quality/cheap ingredients in our gummies. Our CBD Nano BurstsTM are top quality in every regard.  We are also using revolutionary nanotechnology.

The time it takes to develop this product is well worth the wait.  They will be the best product on the market and we stand by that 100%.  There have been well over 60 test runs so far and we are just…about…there.

We will be one of the only gummy-like producers at this time using nano CBD technology.  What does this mean?  It means that our product will blow away everything else on the market with 4-5x the absorption rate.  And yes, it comes down to absorption.  If you take standard gummies that get their CBD from an oil, distillate, or isolate, you ingest and attempt to digest ‘clumps’ of molecules at a time.  With nanotechnology, each molecule is individually safely coated and this enables your body to absorb tremendously larger amounts of  CBD.  Consider nano CBD as being essentially ‘pre-digested.’  The micelle coated nano CBD is absorbed by the blood vessels in your GI tract and there is no ‘first pass’ digestion to worry about.  The goal is always better absorption.  We have achieved that.

Blind testing of samples helps us identify what we like…and don’t like…without creating a bias of knowing what ingredients are being used. This is a lengthy and necessary process to assure product quality.

As an example, with 10 mg of standard CBD in a gummy, you only absorb about 20-30% of the CBD.  This translates to only absorbing 2-3mg CBD.  With 2.5 mg of nano CBD, you absorb about 90-95%.  This means 2.5 mg nano CBD is giving you 2.25-2.375 mg CBD.  This is quite a difference in absorption.  There is no question that nano CBD is a much better way to go.

Nanotechnology offers a lot in the ways of helping everyone absorb better.  It is especially great for those with absorption conditions.  Nanotechnology is a new and exciting field and it should keep pace with the tremendous growth in the CBD realm.  We plan on offering many more products with nano CBD technology.  On that note, we can use nanotechnology with other ingredients, giving us the ability to tap into so many better ways of helping people.

We are now in the production stage of 2.5 and 5 mg CBD Nano BurstsTM.  We should have them in a couple of weeks.  After our first production run, we will be adding a 10 mg amount as well.  This would give you 9-9.5 mg CBD, which is equal to what you are getting with 40-50 mg standard CBD.  We’re bringing you the future…now!  Thank you for your patience and for living the NN lifestyle!

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  1. Nancy
    | Reply

    My chiropractor gave me your web site and said to register to get started. I have looked everywhere and find no place to register.

    Does have a sign in but does not let me enter a new account.

    • Noetic Nutraceuticals
      | Reply

      Nancy, have you gotten this issue resolved…we checked the system and it is working properly. Please try again and let us know.

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