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‘Hemorrhagic Highs’…Another Way How Synthetic Cannabinoids Can Kill You

We’ve mentioned in a few prior blogs how Synthetic Cannabinoids (SCBs) are dangerous.  One blog touched on the damage that they cause to the kidneys…as in kidney failure… and another touched on other dangers with ‘counterfeit’ cannabidiol.  SCBs can be used in any CBD or THC product to produce or enhance cannabinoid-like effects and they tend to be used most in vaping and oral products.

A new study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine on September 27, 2018.  The study, by Kelkar et al., titled’ An Outbreak of Synthetic Cannabidiol – Associated Coagulopathy in Illinois‘ evaluated patients admitted to St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria, IL between March 28 and April 21, 2018 with synthetic cannabinoid associated coagulopathy. (In the same issue of NEJM, Jean M. Connors, M.D. wrote an editorial about this study titled ‘Hemorrhagic Highs From Synthetic Cannabinoids – A New Epidemic’.)

The Kelkar study followed 34 patients and their 45 trips to the hospital.  Lab tests were conducted to confirm the poisoning and superwarfarin poisoning was confirmed in 15 of the patients out of the 34.  Super Warfarin is defined by the CDC as a serious anticoagulant and this can lead to serious bleeding problems.

Jean Conners, in her editorial, talks about how synthetic cannabinoids tend to be mixed with Brodifacoum, which is a ‘successful Rodenticide’.  Yes, you read that properly…it’s used to kill rats and other rodents.  Yikes!  You really need to know the products you are using inside and out…literally!

What is interesting about the presentation of the patients in the Kelkar study is that there was a broad array of bleeding issues that the patients presented with along with many ‘nonbleeding’ symptoms.  This is really scary.  Although Vitamin K replacement therapy was administered to successfully treat the condition, one person did die from a brain hemorrhage.  In addition, treating for different forms of poison with synthetic cannabinoids requires different approaches.  For example, the approach, according to Connors, for Warfarin induced coagulopathy is different than it is for the Brodifacoum poisoning.

What’s pathetic about all of this is that EVERYTHING about synthetic cannabinoids can be avoided if you use quality products from companies you trust.  There is no room for mistakes here.  Either you take the real deal or you could die…it’s that simple.  Looking to save a few dollars is not worth your life!

Imagine that you are an athlete using a CBD product for enhanced recovery from injury or to relax you before an intense game and you end up with a brain hemorrhage or other health problem because you used a product with something added to it…never knowing that what you thought was a great product was really dangerous?  Nobody can afford to have this happen and nobody should have to worry about this!

Back to the Kelkar study…one of the 34 died and the others all had damage that we hope was not permanent…all this caused by using synthetic cannabinoids.  What does this tell us?

Obviously, we MUST avoid synthetic cannabinoids.  The problem is that this is hard to do if you have no idea what you are ingesting, vaping, etc…  It is VITAL that you only use products from companies that third party test their products, like we do.  We guarantee that Noetic Nutraceuticals will never stoop so low as to use synthetic cannabinoids (SCBs), or anything artificial, that could endanger your health.  Period!

The problem with the CBD market right now is that most of the companies out there are nothing more than marketing shells, if you will.  They are not ‘hands on’ with their products and they do not get their products tested.  Very few, if any, have any medical consultants or anyone conducting research to validate what they are bringing to market.  Furthermore, they are creating products to maximize profit vs. maximizing benefits.  I approach our products like I do for care with my patients: I learn all that I can so that I can offer my patients the best quality care for their injuries/needs.  When Bill Dierker asked me to help him with Noetic Nutraceuticals so that he could offer the best quality products, I only did so because he gave me complete control of the ingredient selection and he allows me to determine when a product is ready to go forward.  Simply put, we take no chances with our products.  We use the products we recommend to you and it’s important that those who use our products understand the effort we make to ensure that what we create is truly the best you can purchase.

We very much appreciate those who use our products and we will continue to bring to market the best quality products.  We have a lot of products in our pipeline and we are very excited about all of them.  We will continue to write about how CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes can help you and we will always try to reference the medical literature to substantiate what we are presenting.  We are unique in this way as we are all about education!

We are Noetic Nutraceuticals.

Only the best…for the best…You!

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