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How To Make Your New Year’s Intention For Health Last All Year!

It’s a NEW YEAR and so many of us have the best intentions to improve our health. 


It is a cultural norm for a large number of us to have a resolution or intention for the New Year.  Sadly, many of our intentions are never actualized. 


This past weekend, at a holiday gathering, I chatted with friends as they ate indulgent food and talked about the diet they were staring January 1st.  They complained about the weight they’ve gained as they put another cookie in their mouth. 

I too have done this. 


I see the need for a change, I want the change, I voice the change, and then I keep doing the same old things.  Then the intention, that was supposed to be helpful and inspiring, becomes a way for me to feel bad about myself because I’ve failed.  Not a good cycle to be part of; yet we all fall into this trap.


So, how can we turn this New Year’s Resolution idea into something that sticks? 

Something that empowers us and actually takes flight? 



2023 Health Intention


Here are three things that can turn a resolution or an intention into empowering action:


#1 First, be sure that the intention is true. An intention that is heart-centered, and not from the ego, has a better chance of taking flight with action.  Think of it as a seed.  It will take time to grow and will need to be nurtured. 

When you understand why you are creating that intention and what has blocked you from actualizing it up to this point, then you are starting from a place that has possibility.  If an effort is made to release or shift the blockages, then you are starting with promise.



#2 Create one SUPER SIMPLE and doable action that you can do every day to help you remember your intention and honor it. Choose a practical time of day to do the action and set an alarm to go off at that time.  For instance, if your intention is to be more mindful, set an alarm to get up 10 minutes earlier; go sit, relax and breathe with awareness. 

You are welcome to do more than one action a day, but they will simply be a bonus.  If you forget one day, just begin again.  This is about you creating self-love, not self-shame.  Each time you do the action, imagine the seed growing.   


#3 Lastly, find a way to be accountable. You can have a friend that you text after you’ve done the action, post about it, or join a group (online or in person) doing a similar thing to generate community support.  The more you can connect with people that are doing what you wish to be doing or living in the way you aspire, the more you will fuel your flame that turns inspiration into action. 


Certainly, if your intention is to take care of your body and mind, we are here to help. 
The 3 products we recommend to support your New Year’s Intention are:


Freeze Eaze

Freeze Eaze Pain Relief Spray. 
This spray will ease your aches and pains and help with inflammation.  When you hurt less, it is easier to show up for your health.



Nano Bursts 10mg

Optimize CBD Oil or Noetic Gummies
Using these daily will help your body’s recovery from working out (or injuries) and promote a calm mind.



Noetic Vitamin D Mint Sunshine Spray

VItamin D Nano Sunshine Spray.

This highly absorbent and effective Vitamin D will help you get through the dark and cold winter and feel your best!


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” 

 – Aristotle



As always, thank you for being part of the Noetic Wellness Family.  Let’s make this year the best yet!




*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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