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Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

Nearly one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness (52.9 million in 2020). You may be surprised to learn that New Jersey ranks number one and Maryland comes in ninth, for the LOWEST prevalence of mental illness and higher rates of access to care for adults.

Colorado ranks last, with the highest prevalence of mental illness and lower rates of access to care, according to the Mental Health America Data.



US Mental Health Rank

There are a number of components that can contribute to good mental health.


According to Mental Health America Data there are specific tools to help your mental health (listed below).  As a Nutraceutical company, helping people achieve health and wellness is our primary purpose.

As you read the list, you may have experienced personally how CBD has a helpful effect in many of these areas!


  • Connect with others
  • Stay positive
  • Get physically active
  • Help others
  • Get enough proper sleep
  • Create joy and satisfaction
  • Eat well
  • Take care of your spirit
  • Deal better with hard times
  • Get professional help if needed


Here are 3 tools that support your mental health

and how CBD may help with the facilitating of that tool:


#1. Good mental health begins with getting proper sleep and rest.

Sleep directly impacts brain function.  When people don’t get enough sleep, their health risks rise. “Symptoms of depression, seizures, high blood pressure and migraines worsen. Immunity is compromised, increasing the likelihood of illness and infection,” says Johns Hopkins sleep expert and neurologist Mark Wu, M.D., Ph. D.


R3 Nano Bursts CBD Fruit Chews


Noetic’s R3 Gummies (Rest, Relaxation & Recovery Gummies) are formulated with a proprietary blend of ingredients, including select terpenes to facilitate rest and relaxation.  Many of our clients and staff members have reported, “an amazing night’s sleep,” with the R3 Gummies.


#2 Physical Activity supports mental health.


Whole Brain Health states, “Additionally, exercise also modulates the secretion of major neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin which are linked with treating depression. Indirectly, Exercise improves mood and sleep, and reduces stress and anxiety. Trouble in these aspects of our life frequently causes or contributes to cognitive impairment.”



Noetic CBD products are formulated to relieve people of the discomfort that can often keep people from moving.  Our Freeze-Eaze topical spray is just one of our products that are used by people of all ages, shapes and sizes to help with pain and inflammation.


Some clients use Noetic products (like Freeze Eaze, Soothing Salve and Optimize Oil) to relieve their arthritis and some clients are top level athletes that use our products (like CBD Oil, Complete Heat and Freeze Eaze) to increase their performance and rate of recovery.


#3 Addressing Anxiety (Staying positive and dealing with hard times) aids with creating good mental health.

Peaceful Girl on Beach


According to ADAA (The Anxiety and Depression Association of America), anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults in the United States.  With our world turned upside down, that number is rising by the day.

We know many of our clients say our products help, but let’s look at the science and research.


study published in Neurotherapeutics, entitled ‘Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders,’ concluded that, “Overall, current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders, with need for further study of chronic and therapeutic effects in relevant clinical populations.”


Also, A case study published in the Permanente Report cited, “Cannabidiol oil, an increasingly popular treatment of anxiety and sleep issues, has been documented as being an effective alternative to pharmaceutical medications. This case study provides clinical data that support the use of cannabidiol oil as a safe treatment for reducing anxiety and improving sleep in a young girl with post traumatic stress disorder.”


We know that our collective mental health is being challenged in these times.  Taking care of ourselves requires awareness, action and often resources.  There often isn’t a quick and easy fix to addressing our health.  You are not alone.  This month, and EVERY MONTH of the year, we are here to support you on your wellness journey.

Reach out and “Ask the Doc” if you have questions about our products.
Don’t hesitate to get professional help, certainly if you feel you (or those around you) are in danger.



Curious where your state ranks?

According to the Mental Health America Data, states that are ranked 1-10 have lower prevalence of mental illness and higher rates of access to care for adults. States that are ranked 39-51 indicate that adults have higher prevalence of mental illness and lower rates of access to care.

01 New Jersey
02 Wisconsin
03 Massachusetts
04 Connecticut
05 New York
06 Minnesota
07 Hawaii
08 Pennsylvania
09 Maryland
10 Illinois
11 Rhode Island
12 South Dakota
13 Kentucky
14 Iowa
15 New Mexico
16 Arkansas
17 Montana
18 Michigan
19 Vermont
20 Virginia
21 North Carolina
22 South Carolina
23 West Virginia
24 North Dakota
25 Florida
26 Louisiana
27 Nebraska
28 California
29 Tennessee
30 New Hampshire
31 Georgia
32 Washington
33 Texas
34 Delaware
35 Arizona
36 Ohio
37 Maine
38 Oklahoma
39 Idaho
40 Nevada
41 Mississippi
42 Kansas
43 Indiana
44 Missouri
45 District of Columbia
46 Alaska
47 Alabama
48 Utah
49 Oregon
50 Wyoming
51 Colorado




The statements in this blog have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No statement in this blog or specific product discussed are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  This blog is for informational purposes only.  We ask you to discuss all matters of this blog with your doctor before beginning use of any products herein discussed.




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