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New and Exciting Changes to Our Oil (Tincture) Line

Noetic Nutraceuticals is pleased to announce that we are now making all our hemp extract/CBD oils in-house.  What does this mean to you? It means that we have even more control over our production, are expanding our line of oils, and have further “tweaked” the formulas to maximize health benefits.  Although we get rave reviews about our oils, we made them even better.

We now have an “Iso” version along with our current standard version of all our oils.  (The “Iso” version will be available by mid-November 2019, and the standard version is available now.)  The “Iso” version uses CBD isolate and the standard version uses either full or broad spectrum CBD distillate. We have a blog on the topic of types of CBD and this should be out soon.  Please stay tuned.  When it is published, we’ll include a link for it in this blog.  All of our oils are batch tested to be certain we are selling what we say we are.  We will soon have QR codes on the bottles so that you can check the lab work for your particular bottle (batch).  We have been working on this for some time and it’s almost at fruition.

Dr. Manison also made some changes to the base oils.  All our CBD isolate oils use a blend of filtered and unfiltered hemp oils. We have increased the grape seed oil from 5% to 10% in all our oils.  The unfiltered hemp oil used in the CBD isolate blends is a bit more phytonutrient rich and adds a slight natural green color and an almost nutty taste.  It tastes great and really adds to our CBD isolate formula.   Our CBD distillate blends are the same except for a different unfiltered hemp oil.  Why is it different?  The CBD distillate adds a distinct taste on its own and does not require more flavoring from the unfiltered hemp oil.

This covers the basics…now let’s look at the specifics of each oil type.

We made another change to our oils to give you even more quality product and value. The doses of CBD have gone up for all our oils, but not at a greater price!  The Revitalize, Prime, and Optimize have gone from 265 to 300 mg, 525 to 600 mg, and 1050 to 1200 mg, respectively. These amounts also apply to the “Iso” versions.  We are also introducing a Healthcare Provider Line ONLY product, Maximize, which is 1800 mg. This will be available in standard and “Iso” versions.

Here are the new oils:

Revitalize Iso 300: 300mg CBD Isolate
Prime Iso 600:  600mg CBD Isolate
Optimize Iso 1200: 1200mg CBD Isolate
**Maximize Iso 1800: 1800 CBD Isolate

Revitalize 300: 300mg Full spectrum CBD distillate
Prime 600: 600mg Full spectrum CBD distillate
Optimize 1200: 1200mg Broad spectrum CBD distillate
**Maximize 1800: 1800mg Broad spectrum CBD distillate

**Healthcare Provider Line

On another note, please be patient as we are in the process of creating a new logo for the company.  This goes along with new labels for all our products and a new website appearance.  It is a very exciting time for Noetic Nutraceuticals, but all of this is taking a bit of time.

We hope this helps to clarify our line of oils.  They taste great and are improved in many ways. Thank you for putting your trust in Noetic Nutraceuticals and thank you for living the NN lifestyle.

The statements in this blog have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No statement in this blog or specific product discussed are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  This blog is for informational purposes only.  We ask  you to discuss all matters of this blog with your doctor before beginning use of any products herein discussed.

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