Noetic Product Pipeline

At Noetic, we are always working on our next product.  We are passionate about creating the perfect product to meet your needs.  Check out these Products with a Purpose, coming soon!

If you have any product requests or are interested in Dr. Manison formulating a product for your company, please connect with us.

  1. Novel nano Vitamin D mouth spray with science backing superior absorption.  This product is DONE!  We’re working on the final details and then this will be available for purchase.  This product offers a unique nano delivery using a long chain fatty acid (organic olive oil).  Feel free to read the blogs on the website and there will be one coming specifically about long chain fatty acids and our emulsion.  Get excited.  This product is awesome!  on to be released product.
  2. Joint product.  This one is the BIG one.  Dr. Manison is most excited about this product.  Imagine a product aimed at joint support and comfort  with the aim of helping to heal cartilage.  We’re working on something very special.  Stay tuned!  We’re pretty close to being done with this product.  It will have a two part approach. 
  3. Face Cream daytime and nighttime versions.  We have had great response to our face cream so we decided to make it even a bit better.  Keep on the lookout for another           added ingredient or two and we’ll be explaining that soon.  And  yes, you read correctly…we will have both a day and nighttime cream!  We’re on this…it’s been put on the back   burner  while we’ve been developing the Vitamin D mouth spray, but it’s still in our pipeline.


We have another 20+ products in development stage, so stay tuned for some mind-blowing products coming down the pipeline.