We are always working on the next product(s) at Noetic and this is where we will tend to share what we are working on.  We have a very long pipeline of products to come.  We will list some of the items below and as they become available, they will be removed or the link to the new product will be added.  We hope you enjoy this page and if you have any product requests, please leave us feedback on the ‘contact us page.

1.  Freeze-eaze (2).  No, it does not have a name yet but it is created and waiting for bottling and labeling.  And yes, we are still working on the name.  Sometimes, the name is the hardest part.  This product will not have the amazing freezing cold feel of Freeze-eaze, but rather by using some other extremely potent ingredients, it will feel a bit warmer and soothing.  We are very excited about this product as it will be the first Healthcare Provider only product at the highest CBD level available.  Of course, we will have a slightly lower dose available.

2.  Face Cream.  We have had great response to our face cream so we decided to make it even a bit better.  Keep on the lookout for another added ingredient and we’ll be explaining that soon.  In addition, we will soon be offering a day and night face cream!

3.  Lip Balm.  You all asked for it, so we will create it.  Bill has some ideas of what he wants to do with this but Dr. M, of course, has to put his magical touches on it!  We ensure you that you’ll find this product to be amazing when compared to others.  It’s a busy product segment so we want to create something that stands out from the rest.

4.  ??  Can you guess what is coming next?  We have a lot more in the pipeline!