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Poor Quality Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Poison You

Yes, it’s the truth.  Trying to buy inferior quality CBD can be dangerous to your health.  I already touched on the importance of using good products on a previous blog , but I’m going to push that envelope a bit more by giving you proof that there are products on the market that can actually poison you, and perhaps even kill you!

There should be no shortcuts when one considers putting any ingredient/food into his/her body.  When we are dealing with the supplement market, which can tend to have lapses in quality control and does not have full ingredient regulation, it is VITAL that you know everything about the quality of the product you are consuming.

At Noetic Nutraceuticals, we pride ourselves on finding the best ingredients and bringing you the best quality products.  There can be no excuses.

Robert Horth et. al. presented an interesting study recently at the 67th Annual Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Conference on April 16-19, 2018.  It is titled ‘Outbreak of Acute Poisonings Associated with Counterfeit Cannabidiol Products – Utah, 2017-2018.’  To find this study, search Session Q, 4:25.

Please note that this is not old information.  This is new information and it’s very important.  Too many people try to shop CBD products to save a few bucks.  Not only will these people end up with inferior products that yield little to no results, but they also could be consuming products that are downright dangerous to their health.

Their study found that 51 individuals had adverse reactions to products labeled as ‘CBD’.  This is very odd as CBD does not tend to have any adverse reactions.  Many of the people affected experienced altered mental status, seizures, loss of consciousness, and hallucinations.  What was found is that many products are apparently using a synthetic cannabinoid compound that is not only counterfeit, but can lead to serious illness. 2/3 of the counterfeit products were purchased at tobacco stores and these stores are supposed to be carrying quality products.

The lesson learned is that as is the case with any available supplement, consuming unregulated products can be dangerous if you do not know EXACTLY what you are consuming.

As we have stated on previous blogs, we have our tinctures third-party tested to be sure the ingredients match what we say they are.  We formulate our products to offer the best ingredients and we back that up with verifiable data.

What is becoming more and more evident in the CBD marketplace is that many companies are not only skimping on product quality but even worse,  they might using counterfeit ingredients that can cause harm.

Our ‘tagline’ at Noetic Nutraceuticals is ‘Only The Best, for The Best…You!’

We mean it!  Thank you for choosing Noetic Nutraceuticals.

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