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A true lifesaver

I am 43 years old and have several major health issues, beginning with major spinal fusion surgery at age 16. Since, I have progressive severe Scoliosis and Nerve damage due to the failure of this surgery and faulty hardware, degenerative discs and Arthritis, along with Allergies, Anxiety, ADHD, chronic headaches, and a very rare Disorder called Achalasia, which basically means my esophagus does not function at all as the nerves and muscles are now completely shut down and ineffective in digestion and the passage of food as well as the absorption of important food nutrients, vitamins, and required nutrition.
I struggle daily with managing the symptoms of these many issues and being able to function to some degree of normalcy. Taking pills and prescribed treatments is a dilemma for me, due to the effects of them on each of my other health problems, as well as the simple and most urgent issue of successfully taking oral medications that I cannot effectively ingest or digest, many times causing irritation and worsening errosive esophagitis.
My sister sent me a care package, including your CBD Nasal Spray, Gummies, Facial Cream, & Salve to try a couple of months ago during a time that I had been having a MAJOR bout with chronic headache that was daily going on 1 1/2 months. I just got my second shipment of TWO bottles of the nasal spray because after trying these CBD products for the first time in my life….I received IMMEDIATE relief of the headache with the first use of the spray. And it STAYED gone! I won’t be caught without it again, because recently when I DID run short, my symptoms were back with a vengeance. The gummies have made a great difference in my level of anxiety from stress and other issues. And I love the facial cream and salve, and my daughter does too. But my greatest amazement is with the CBD Nasal Spray! The fact that it immediately crosses the blood-brain barrier and works so instantly, without needing to be aided by the one major physical function I can’t provide….digestion has made it the ONE perfect product and remedy for my headaches and other pain, as well as anxiety. There is nothing else available on the market that I know of that can do for me what this product has achieved. Thank you so much! And keep on providing more products as great as This!