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How CBD has helped me

I suffer from psoriatic arthritis and severe scoliosis causing chronic pain. I don’t want to take addictive medicines or medical marijuana since I’ve been in recovery for 24 years. I’ve known Dr. Manison for nearly 20 years and trusted him when he recommended taking this product, especially because it is THC free! I was skeptical that it would make a difference with the unrelenting toothache-like pain that kept me up at night and prevented me from exercising regularly. After taking this product for 2 to 4 weeks I noticed that the frequency and intensity of the pain was greatly reduced, allowing me to be more active and get more restful sleep. I will continue taking this product in hopes that I can reduce my dependency on NSAIDS and other medications that have lots of side-effects. Thank you for bringing this product to market!

M. M, Columbia, MD