My experiences as a middle aged endurance athlete with CBD oil to assist in the healing of chronic lower back pain

I began using CBD oil (50 ml, twice per day) having experienced chronic lower back pain for about six months. The back ache severely curtailed my ability to train for marathons, let alone walking around the block without having to step every few minutes to rest. The CBD oil helped to control the inflammation that was occurring due to various muscle imbalances and skeletal mechanical issues. Through proper rest, strengthening , improved nutrition, and the use of CBD oil, I am now completely pain free! I have also noticed that recovery from workouts is much quicker (about 50% quicker), and I sleep more soundly at night (but not as long). I would recommend that middle-aged endurance athletes like myself try CBD oil for a period of at least 6-8 weeks to receive the full benefit of CBD oil.

Mark Miller

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