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Physician Dr. Greg Skochko says, “Noetic is THE leader in the CBD industry!”

As a physician, I have watched the CBD industry blossom & evolve, but it also has become the wild west of unregulated products and misleading marketing. Extensive research & due diligence has convinced me over the past year that Noetic is THE leader in the CBD industry.


First and foremost, unlike a majority of other companies, their products are safe and composition as advertised. NN’s dynamic founders and leadership team have remained on the forefront of the science in CBD, their team among the leaders in this field. They understand the mechanisms and practical applications of hemp-based CBD and phytochemicals while avoiding potentially harmful complications. They stand by their smaller batch analysis and dosing (certificates of analysis are available). They also understand the bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of these natural therapeutics. As a physician, our priority is first do no harm… and over time I have established trust of NN and their products.


Second, the clinical results I’ve seen in my patients with their products has been remarkable, including musculoskeletal, neuropathic, and mental health benefits among others. In several cases, after years of attempting alternative modalities (pharmacologic and non-), the benefits have been life-changing to many patients. While industry and academic researchers are gradually elucidating the biochemical mechanisms from CBD & other phytochemicals help then stresses on the human body, NN’s CBD products have been safe and effective.


Third, their products are priced such that the value is unparalleled in the industry. Many other product lines are overpriced, especially considering the discordant labeling from actual compositions and unproven marketing claims. I have confidence that our patients are getting their money’s worth (first do no harm includes financial IMO). A trial of samples initially can also help in the beginning to ensure the ultimate value.


Fourth, NN’s customer service has been phenomenal. All of our challenging clinical and logistical questions have been consistently addressed.


Find a provider knowledgeable in CBD as a resource to limit any trial and error or speculation – you’ll want to discuss CBD in the context of any other medications you might be taking. But in the end, after compiling the feedback from our happier healthier patients, I have no hesitation recommending Noetic’s CBD products.


Check them out!

– Dr. Greg Skochko, Salveo Wellness Center

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