Please help me spread the word as I need to let my fellow MS’er, and others, know about this!

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 19 years ago and have always struggled with chronic pain. As I have gotten older the pain has gotten worse and I have tried everything from Lyrica, a nerve pain medication for fibromyalgia, to opiates. The pain medication (opiates) always worked the best but I won’t state the obvious about why I knew opiates were not a long term solution as I am only 38 years old. About 6 months ago Bill came to me to assist him with his marketing efforts for their CBD oil and Freeze Eaze pain relieving spray. I had asked Bill to explain to me how the CBD’s worked and so he did, and I can tell you it is a lot more to it than I thought. The research has been done and as they say the proof is in the pudding. You can learn about it yourself on their website and I highly advise it. I first tried the 100% hemp oil by consuming it and I was surprised at the results! I couldn’t believe I was actually getting relief from something I had never heard of. I then tried the Freeze Eaze spray and it worked! Not only did it work, it worked for much longer than other pain relieving sprays on the market as it does not just mask the pain. Now for the best part. Bill advised me to try rubbing the oil on the spot of pain, rather than ingesting it, and I felt like I won the lottery upon first trying it! If you suffer from chronic pain you have experienced the amazing feeling when you get relief. I want to let the entire MS community, and others experiencing chronic pain, know about this product! I am happy to say that I no longer need pain medication and that was a huge relief for me as I have 5 children and knew pain meds were not a long term solution. Thank you Bill and the team at Noetic Nutraceuticals as I feel as though I have gotten my life back. Again, if you battle with chronic pain like I do, then I highly recommend you try their products. I seldom write reviews but others need to know about this product as it took me 19 years to find the perfect solution to my chronic pain!! Thank you for changing my life NN. Please help me spread the word as I need to let my fellow MS’er, and others, know about this!

Chris Fath

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