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This does work!!😊

I have Fibromyalgia and all of the extras that come along with it! Chronic pain 24-7 Anxiety and depression, sleep issues, etc, etc. Bill had introduced me to Freeze Eaze for some topical relief of some pain areas and the Optimize Oil. I get migraine headaches often, so I thought the oil was affecting my head. I ended up leaving that alone and just used the Freeze Eaze. I ended up off of my Narcotic Medicine that was given to me for pain just by using the Freeze Eaze!! I now have my migraines under 3 / month so I decided to try an oil again. I ordered the Maximize ISO and my Freeze Eaze ( have to have that). I have had it for 3 days now, and I have taken a half of a dropper every evening before bed. I Have Had The BEST THREE NIGHTS Of Sleep In Years!!! I have missed sleeping!! I woke up ready for the day! I still had pain in the morning, but I was able to shower much earlier and things just seemed to go a little better. That’s only three half doses of it!! Maybe in a few weeks I will see if my body can handle a full dose!! 😊 One happy lady here!!

Mary E Storer-Clawson