Our slogan is ‘Only the best, for the best…you’.  At Noetic Nutraceuticals, we bring you the best sourced ingredients at the best prices.  Your concerns about quality and safety are our concerns and we constantly strive to offer you unmatched products. Luckily you don’t have to solely take our word for how good our products are. Below are a few testimonials from our customers about why they love our products and how they are changing their lives.

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This product increased my quality of life!

This product increased my quality of life!

I have been diagnosed with chronic pain from two car accidents 6 months apart in 2008. I have soft tissue damage and herniated disks. I went to a chiropractor, a physical therapist and a pain management clinic. I received a cortisone injection at a cost of $1,000 for the shot and $1,000 for lying on the table. The shot wore off after three months. I had to learn how to manage the pain. I would spend three days on the couch unable to go to work. I would start out with Bio freeze, if that didn’t stop the pain I would take 1000 mg of acetaminophen, if that didn’t stop the pain I would put a Lidocaine patch on, if that didn’t stop the pain I would take a muscle relaxer and go back to bed. My pain was so frequent I was afraid to commit to catering events.

Recently my daughter broke her elbow. The doctor prescribed oxycodone. She did not want to take drugs for pain. Her boyfriend knew about the Freeze-Eaze product and tried it on her. She was able to sleep through the night without pain. She knew I would be interested in the product.

I received by bottle in the mail in March of 2018 and it has changed my life.

I can use the spray as often as needed to stop the pain in my neck and shoulders. I feel like myself again. I’m not afraid to take on new challenges or exercise at the gym because I know I can enjoy life without fear of debilitating pain. I use the spray on my friends who have fibromyalgia and arthritis. They can’t believe how fast it works. This product increased my quality of life.

Thanks Noetic Nutraceuticals!


I will be going to South Africa for the Ironman World Championships thanks to Noetic!

Noetic products have done an incredible job for me. Amazing results! I am a 60 year old triathlete who has done to over 150 events; all distances for over 17 years. Last year I was able to qualify for the 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga. In the second triathlon of my season. This year I qualified again at Puerto Rico 70.3 Ironman in March. First triathlon of the season, in 98 degree heat. I will be going to South Africa, Nelson Mandela Bay for the 2018 World Championships thanks to Noetic!

Best products ever!

CBD Really Helps

I have arthritis that has caused me great pain, deformed joints and limits my ability to perform my daily activities.  CBD has become part of the health regime I’ve started that really helps relieve my pain and keeps me going. I take it internally and when the pain is very bad I run it into the affected area.  It always helps and doesn’t have the unhealthy side effects of NSAIDS  and heavy doses of Tylenol.

Friends have tried it and they all report improvements as well.  I recommend anyone with pain  issues give this a try!

Helen D. - Age 70

I was skeptical…

I was skeptical at first, not being familiar with CBD, but was open to alternative options to traditional medications. I had been taking anti-anxiety medications for years (mostly Zoloft) and had reached a point where I didn’t feel like myself anymore and was constantly tired (I am in my mid-forties, single parent with an executive job). Within a couple of weeks, I started to feel a lot more like my true self and my sleep improved. Within a month, I stopped taking Zoloft. I have now been taking CBD for over 3 months and my concentration and energy levels have greatly improved. I am also finally able to focus on longer goals such as weight loss and exercise. Overall, I feel a lot more like my authentic self, with a full, normal range of emotions and more energy than I’ve had in years.

Helene R

I have been living on ibuprofen for nearly 20 years

I have had multiple surgeries on my knees and shoulder and due to this, I have been living on ibuprofen for nearly 20 years. That was until I started using Optimize daily. The aches are gone and I feel like I did when I was 25, not a like the 40 year old that I am now. I had my doubts, but I am 100% a believer now!


Freeze Eaze helped with pain and stiffness after knee surgery!

Typically when a person gets handed a sample of something it doesn’t leave an impact, but Freeze-Eaze is a different story. I was recovering from a knee surgery and to help with the sensitivity and stiffness, I used a few sprays and within a couple of minutes it all went away. This stuff is the real deal! A great product from great people. Keep up the good work!

Beny C.

My knee pain from two meniscus tears and an MCL tear dissipates

A little goes a long way. Just a few squirts and my knee pain from two meniscus tears and an MCL tear dissipates a few minutes after applying. I spray under ice and add a compression bandage. Great stuff!

Brandon H

Stress, muscle aches, pain & Inflammation…

This product truly has made a difference for me. I suffer daily with stress, muscle aches and pains and inflammatory issues and have received relief without having to worry about side-effects from this product. I have recommended it to family members and friends and will continue to based on the results it’s given me!

UK Morrison

I’ve had trouble sleeping for years…

I have been taking the Optimize product for a month. I have had trouble sleeping for years. After taking the product for a month my sleep is returning to optimal levels 7 or 8 hours a night. Looking forward to other benefits mentioned also

WOW – I could feel my entire body relax, the anxiety evaporated…

All I can say is WOW. I was totally skeptical about the effectiveness of the product at first. I suffer from anxiety and have never been able to find anything natural that helps. Within 30 minutes after using the product I could feel my entire body relax, the anxiety evaporated. I will be a customer for life!


Amazing clarity and better sleep!

Amazing clarity and better sleep! I’m impressed and sharing the good news with others!

Claire M

Please help me spread the word as I need to let my fellow MS’er, and others, know about this!

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 19 years ago and have always struggled with chronic pain. As I have gotten older the pain has gotten worse and I have tried everything from Lyrica, a nerve pain medication for fibromyalgia, to opiates. The pain medication (opiates) always worked the best but I won’t state the obvious about why I knew opiates were not a long term solution as I am only 38 years old. About 6 months ago Bill came to me to assist him with his marketing efforts for their CBD oil and Freeze Eaze pain relieving spray. I had asked Bill to explain to me how the CBD’s worked and so he did, and I can tell you it is a lot more to it than I thought. The research has been done and as they say the proof is in the pudding. You can learn about it yourself on their website and I highly advise it. I first tried the 100% hemp oil by consuming it and I was surprised at the results! I couldn’t believe I was actually getting relief from something I had never heard of. I then tried the Freeze Eaze spray and it worked! Not only did it work, it worked for much longer than other pain relieving sprays on the market as it does not just mask the pain. Now for the best part. Bill advised me to try rubbing the oil on the spot of pain, rather than ingesting it, and I felt like I won the lottery upon first trying it! If you suffer from chronic pain you have experienced the amazing feeling when you get relief. I want to let the entire MS community, and others experiencing chronic pain, know about this product! I am happy to say that I no longer need pain medication and that was a huge relief for me as I have 5 children and knew pain meds were not a long term solution. Thank you Bill and the team at Noetic Nutraceuticals as I feel as though I have gotten my life back. Again, if you battle with chronic pain like I do, then I highly recommend you try their products. I seldom write reviews but others need to know about this product as it took me 19 years to find the perfect solution to my chronic pain!! Thank you for changing my life NN. Please help me spread the word as I need to let my fellow MS’er, and others, know about this!

Chris Fath

Definitely does the job!

As a healthcare provider I’ve had patients ask me about CBD oil. I was unfamiliar with its benefits until I researched and tried it myself. I have noted significant improvements in my own sleep and inflammation issues. I now recommend Noetic Nutraceutical products with confidence that they can help my patients and have received good feedback all around.


Very Effective!!

I have used the Noetic Nutraceuticals Optimize 2 ways and both have been very effective! The first use was to aid my recovery from a shoulder injury that, despite physical therapy, was not getting better. Using it consistently for a couple of weeks allowed me to heal and move away from pain. Currently I take .5 mL each morning and evening to support peri-menopause based sleep issues and moodiness. It is really helping!! I feel more “even” and less anxious. I plan to continue!

April B

Feeling stronger

I have been taking the CBD oil for over a month and have started to feel stronger, have more energy and focus. I am noticing a change in my muscle mass especially in my upper body. I am 52 years old and play recreational volleyball once or twice a week. During the last year I felt challenged and not able to move quickly enough while playing. Recently I have noticed a difference in how I am playing especially with the power behind my serves. I am optimistic that my body will continue to change with continued use of CBD oil.

M N, Columbia, MD

I was told I’d never lift again, and now I’m out lifting most of the men in my gym!

I am a 22 year old female powerlifter with a passion for lifting, constantly pushing my body to the limits with heavy weight. Last year, I hurt a joint in my glute, and part of my lower back, being told I’d never be able to lift again. But here I am, back at the gym, stronger, healthier, and more confident than I’ve ever been in my life! I’ve been taking the Optimize CBD oil for a little over a month, and EVERYTHING about my strength training has improved: I sleep deeper, I’m lifting heavier weights, and my recovery is significantly faster. I’ve also had a sample of the Freeze-eaze, and with one spray I’m ready to run a marathon! I recommend these high quality products to anyone who wants to improve aspects of not only their strength, but their life.

C K, Maryland

CBD Works!

I’ve been using the Optimize 1050 mg product for several months. Wow! I’m 69 and within a few days I felt like I’d become 20 years younger. I sleep better, train better (competitive cyclist), and sleep better. CBD even seems to help my lower back issues; 3 protruding disks that flair up once or twice a year. Most recently when I had a flair up, the location was identical my usual area, but the perceived discomfort was only a 2-3 on a scale of ten instead of the usual 5-6.

What can I say, the stuff just works. I’d be surprised that this wouldn’t be everyone’s most effective and favorite supplement.

Bill N., Columbia, MD

How CBD has helped me

I suffer from psoriatic arthritis and severe scoliosis causing chronic pain. I don’t want to take addictive medicines or medical marijuana since I’ve been in recovery for 24 years. I’ve known Dr. Manison for nearly 20 years and trusted him when he recommended taking this product, especially because it is THC free! I was skeptical that it would make a difference with the unrelenting toothache-like pain that kept me up at night and prevented me from exercising regularly. After taking this product for 2 to 4 weeks I noticed that the frequency and intensity of the pain was greatly reduced, allowing me to be more active and get more restful sleep. I will continue taking this product in hopes that I can reduce my dependency on NSAIDS and other medications that have lots of side-effects. Thank you for bringing this product to market!

M. M, Columbia, MD

Not a skeptic anymore

Started with this lower dose(17.5 mg)as this was my first time taking CBD oil and I was skeptical. After taking this for about two weeks, I’m noticing less pain and reduced inflammation. I’m a believer and planning on taking the higher dose of 35 mg once I finish the first bottle. Try it…. you won’t regret it.


My experiences as a middle aged endurance athlete with CBD oil to assist in the healing of chronic lower back pain

I began using CBD oil (50 ml, twice per day) having experienced chronic lower back pain for about six months. The back ache severely curtailed my ability to train for marathons, let alone walking around the block without having to step every few minutes to rest. The CBD oil helped to control the inflammation that was occurring due to various muscle imbalances and skeletal mechanical issues. Through proper rest, strengthening , improved nutrition, and the use of CBD oil, I am now completely pain free! I have also noticed that recovery from workouts is much quicker (about 50% quicker), and I sleep more soundly at night (but not as long). I would recommend that middle-aged endurance athletes like myself try CBD oil for a period of at least 6-8 weeks to receive the full benefit of CBD oil.

Mark Miller

Instant Relief from Freeze Eaze

The product provided instant relief to my low-back and gave a cooling sensation to the muscles, it really gave comfort to the areas of soreness!

Roy T. - CEO of High Fives Foundation & Spinal Cord Injury Athlete

Freeze Eaze is really handy and works fast!

Freeze Ease worked really well for my shoulder and elbow tendinitis. It provided fast acting analgesic effects from the menthol and more longstanding anti-inflammatory effects from the CBD. The travel size spray bottle was really handy for on-the-go aches and pains!

Tina G. - Competitive Crossfit Athlete and Amputee

Freeze Eaze works better than Bio Freeze!

I love the Freeze Eaze product! It worked better than Bio Freeze for immediate pain relief and actually helped decrease chronic pain in my right Achilles’ tendon (which is under extra stress because I am a left below the knee amputee ). In addition, I had an acute injury to my wrist and used Freeze Eaze immediately.   It helped control my acute pain and inflammation and decreased the amount of oral medication I needed to take (ibuprofen.)

Lee K. - Competitive Bobsled Athlete and Amputee

Keeping ahead of father time

After a 32 year career in horticulture/landscaping, I found my chronic pain unmanageable. My foot pain was a constant irritant, but my shoulder (I’ve been referred to an Ortho Doc for a replacement) would have episodes where I thought I would never have even a normal nights sleep again. Lucky for me my good friend introduced me to Noetic Nutraceuticals and their fine products. Now after a period of testing different products and dosages, I can say that I am back on my feet, back to work, and glad to feel so much more vital.
I look forward to the continued exploration of CBD/THC as well as all the other compounds found in Cannabis. Research will open new doors.

Kirk F

Using “Optimize 1050mg” As part of my “Living well with Cancer” program

I have been a patient of Dr. Manison for 17 years and have complete trust in his cutting edge knowledge and recommendations. I have read the journals and research on using the CBD oil in conjunction with other holistic protocols for living well with cancer. I urge those battling cancer to research this product and have a further discussion about its benefits.

Catonsville Md


omg this stuff really works 🙂

im a believer, if your in pain or have other disorders i highly recommend you try it after discussing with your physician. ive been using the cbd oil 1050mg at 2 dropper fulls a day for pain and anxiety. mostly anxiety and i am definitely feeling relief 🙂 only took a day for me to feel different and mood started to change. now going on my 6th month using it i have come to realize its a real life changer. i take it 2 hours before bedtime and have better sleep. im also a licensed massage therapist and my clients looooove it too. you can use the spray right on the painful spots and keep that in your purse or gym bag for travel, as well as put oil inside cream of your choice and massage the body. best thing about 2018 was finding this product frankly!


This worked wonders for me.

I was suffering from anxiety and claustrophobia among other ailments. I was taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen everyday for the regular aches and pains. I no longer take pain relievers and I don’t get the anxiety in large crowds or in tight spaces. This has changed my life. I highly recommend it.

Jim B

skin salve

Great job on the CBD Soothing Skin Salve. I thought you should know it gives a great deal of relief when applied to psoriasis outbreaks.
The real reason for the testimonial is to let you know how well it relieves the arthritis in my feet. You might want to consider a stronger CBD content in your salve. In the meantime I am ordering another.
Thanks from Towson MD


A true lifesaver

I am 43 years old and have several major health issues, beginning with major spinal fusion surgery at age 16. Since, I have progressive severe Scoliosis and Nerve damage due to the failure of this surgery and faulty hardware, degenerative discs and Arthritis, along with Allergies, Anxiety, ADHD, chronic headaches, and a very rare Disorder called Achalasia, which basically means my esophagus does not function at all as the nerves and muscles are now completely shut down and ineffective in digestion and the passage of food as well as the absorption of important food nutrients, vitamins, and required nutrition.
I struggle daily with managing the symptoms of these many issues and being able to function to some degree of normalcy. Taking pills and prescribed treatments is a dilemma for me, due to the effects of them on each of my other health problems, as well as the simple and most urgent issue of successfully taking oral medications that I cannot effectively ingest or digest, many times causing irritation and worsening errosive esophagitis.
My sister sent me a care package, including your CBD Nasal Spray, Gummies, Facial Cream, & Salve to try a couple of months ago during a time that I had been having a MAJOR bout with chronic headache that was daily going on 1 1/2 months. I just got my second shipment of TWO bottles of the nasal spray because after trying these CBD products for the first time in my life….I received IMMEDIATE relief of the headache with the first use of the spray. And it STAYED gone! I won’t be caught without it again, because recently when I DID run short, my symptoms were back with a vengeance. The gummies have made a great difference in my level of anxiety from stress and other issues. And I love the facial cream and salve, and my daughter does too. But my greatest amazement is with the CBD Nasal Spray! The fact that it immediately crosses the blood-brain barrier and works so instantly, without needing to be aided by the one major physical function I can’t provide….digestion has made it the ONE perfect product and remedy for my headaches and other pain, as well as anxiety. There is nothing else available on the market that I know of that can do for me what this product has achieved. Thank you so much! And keep on providing more products as great as This!


Tremendous Overall Well Being Improvement!

I have been taking products from Noetic Nutraceuticals for the past almost 2 years now. I am a very active athlete who trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and also pairs lifting weights, running, Yoga, swimming, rock climbing with my Jiu Jitsu practice to help improve my skills and mobility. In turn, unfortunately, this leads to extra pains and stress on my body. I have taken substances such as Ibuprofen to help with pain and Melatonin to help with sleep. These worked ok but the Ibuprofen will eventually destroy your gut and I need proper digestion to properly absorb the nutrition I am consuming to help support and maintain my body for what I do. So safe to say, I ceased taking Ibuprofen. I would take Melatonin to help calm me down after having some intense grappling sessions that would end as late as 10pm so I could get to sleep so I could wake up the next day at 6am ready to take on a workout and begin my work day. The downside to the melatonin would leave me with the next day feeling very drowsy and lethargic and left in a sort of “sleep” mode. So, I ceased taking Melatonin supplements as well. I began to learn about how amazing CBD was to anyone especially athletes so I gave them a try and I felt a very strong relief from taking the Nanobursts gummies for my physical pain levels and then for my sleep the R n’R Nasal Spray was an amazing substance that helped me sleep very well throughout the night with no wake ups in the night. I heard about how they can help with head trauma for combat athletes so it was a big turn on me because I have take, not too many, but a few hard accidental shots from my training partners so I thought it couldn’t hurt so I shot 2 shots in each nostril and had the best sleep I have had in a log time! I was ready to take on the next day of demanding tasks with a clear mind and confidence in my recovery from my mind to my body!
Thank you Noetic Nutraceuticals for your aid in keeping me in the game of what I enjoy most!!!


This does work!!😊

I have Fibromyalgia and all of the extras that come along with it! Chronic pain 24-7 Anxiety and depression, sleep issues, etc, etc. Bill had introduced me to Freeze Eaze for some topical relief of some pain areas and the Optimize Oil. I get migraine headaches often, so I thought the oil was affecting my head. I ended up leaving that alone and just used the Freeze Eaze. I ended up off of my Narcotic Medicine that was given to me for pain just by using the Freeze Eaze!! I now have my migraines under 3 / month so I decided to try an oil again. I ordered the Maximize ISO and my Freeze Eaze ( have to have that). I have had it for 3 days now, and I have taken a half of a dropper every evening before bed. I Have Had The BEST THREE NIGHTS Of Sleep In Years!!! I have missed sleeping!! I woke up ready for the day! I still had pain in the morning, but I was able to shower much earlier and things just seemed to go a little better. That’s only three half doses of it!! Maybe in a few weeks I will see if my body can handle a full dose!! 😊 One happy lady here!!

Mary E Storer-Clawson

Physician Dr. Greg Skochko says, “Noetic is THE leader in the CBD industry!”

As a physician, I have watched the CBD industry blossom & evolve, but it also has become the wild west of unregulated products and misleading marketing. Extensive research & due diligence has convinced me over the past year that Noetic is THE leader in the CBD industry.


First and foremost, unlike a majority of other companies, their products are safe and composition as advertised. NN’s dynamic founders and leadership team have remained on the forefront of the science in CBD, their team among the leaders in this field. They understand the mechanisms and practical applications of hemp-based CBD and phytochemicals while avoiding potentially harmful complications. They stand by their smaller batch analysis and dosing (certificates of analysis are available). They also understand the bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of these natural therapeutics. As a physician, our priority is first do no harm… and over time I have established trust of NN and their products.


Second, the clinical results I’ve seen in my patients with their products has been remarkable, including musculoskeletal, neuropathic, and mental health benefits among others. In several cases, after years of attempting alternative modalities (pharmacologic and non-), the benefits have been life-changing to many patients. While industry and academic researchers are gradually elucidating the biochemical mechanisms from CBD & other phytochemicals help then stresses on the human body, NN’s CBD products have been safe and effective.


Third, their products are priced such that the value is unparalleled in the industry. Many other product lines are overpriced, especially considering the discordant labeling from actual compositions and unproven marketing claims. I have confidence that our patients are getting their money’s worth (first do no harm includes financial IMO). A trial of samples initially can also help in the beginning to ensure the ultimate value.


Fourth, NN’s customer service has been phenomenal. All of our challenging clinical and logistical questions have been consistently addressed.


Find a provider knowledgeable in CBD as a resource to limit any trial and error or speculation – you’ll want to discuss CBD in the context of any other medications you might be taking. But in the end, after compiling the feedback from our happier healthier patients, I have no hesitation recommending Noetic’s CBD products.


Check them out!

– Dr. Greg Skochko, Salveo Wellness Center