The Science Behind How Noetic Nutraceuticals Creates a “Safer” CBD Vape…

Many consider the topic of vapes to be a controversial one and I understand this.  As a holistic healthcare provider, we like to avoid medications and invasive procedures unless they are really necessary.  When it comes to nutrition and what we put in the body, we prefer to stay as clean as possible.  As I delved into the research more and more, I discovered that there are a lot of opinions and misinformation and many of the studies are off target for what is really being done by parts of the vaping industry.  The research surrounding e-cig effects has virtually nothing in common with CBD vaping.  They are very different in many ways.  This blog will cover these differences and details.

We ask that all people who intend on using our vape read this blog so that you clearly understand what Noetic Nutraceuticals has done to provide you with the best quality CBD vape products on the market.  Although no vape should be considered 100% safe (nor is any medication or most anything else in life), we are very certain that our vapes are the safest on the market.

As Paracelsus once said, ‘The dose makes the poison’. This refers to the fact that a high enough concentration of anything, even oxygen, potassium, or anything you can think of, will have harmful effects.  We have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that we are not knowingly including any ingredient or using any device or device component that is unsafe for you.

Please read on to learn about what we have done to help ensure this!

Our CBD vapes have eliminated most all of the dangers that e-cigs vaping present. Many of our customers have been asking us for some time to produce a high quality vaping option for CBD.  Vaping gives the user a phenomenal way to get ingredients into the body in a highly effective/absorbable fashion.  It also avoids the “first pass effect.”  I have studied the literature and researched existing products on the market, and have learned that we can create a product that is superior in quality and safety.  This means that we needed to implement very safe ‘software’ and ‘hardware’.   The software is the vape solution and the hardware is the vape cartridge and battery.

Research has clearly shown us that smoking is bad for our health.  This is no surprise.   We’ve known this for a long time.  In response, over the last several years, e-cigs vaping has become what many consider to be a reasonable alternative.  The problem is that e-cigs vaping has its own serious issues.  What needs to be answered is the following: is the act of vaping, regardless of the ingredients, bad, or does the damage occur due to some other nefarious cause.  I intend to use the medical literature as a backbone to help support the contention that CBD vaping vs. e-cigs vaping can be pretty darn safe.

One of the major concerns about all forms of vaping is that they contains particular ingredients that many think are dangerous: propylene glycol (PG), Polyethylene glycol (PEG), vegetable glycerol (VG), and even medium chain triglyceride oils (MCTs).  There is a lot of discussion on the internet about each one of these.  I have read most everything out there and sadly, most of the concerns appear to be hyped.  There are a few studies that cover this topic but they have their limitations in application.  In other words, their results do not accurately describe what happens with a CBD vape solution and vaping hardware specific for this purpose.  We have chosen the highest quality pharmaceutical grade PG and PEG with our vape solutions as we know they will deliver the ingredients in an efficient manner.

Regarding PG on its own, propylene glycol has been established to be safe by the FDA.   It is used in common household items such as toothpastes, cosmetics, perfumes, hand sanitizers, and a lot of other products.  In addition, it has been added in place of ethylene glycol in many antifreezes (see paragraph below on PEG).  Why?  The main reason is because dogs used to get sick/die from licking antifreeze that had leaked on the ground and PG is quite a bit safer than ethylene glycol.  Go figure!  Regardless, the strength of PG used for CBD vaping (pharmaceutical quality) is quite low and the quality is as high as you can get.  If PG was creating a lot of actual health issues, we’d know about it by now.  If you want to read all the juicy details on PG, follow this link!  Of course, there are many who do not believe or trust the FDA, and I understand this.  I’ll throw this out to you…regardless of what you think about the FDA recommendation, I believe by the time you finish reading this blog, you will find that PG is quite safe.  It’s the blend of multiple suspect ingredients in traditional e-cigs that create the issue.

PEG, is polyethylene glycol.  PEG is used in hospitals and common products like MiraLAX.  It is very safe.  It is in no way, shape, or form the ethylene glycol that is/was used in antifreeze.  It’s a totally different compound so we don’t need to inappropriately confuse it here.  PEG has been shown to aid in protecting the liver during surgery ,  has been shown to be safe with the elderly in regards to kidney damage, and is used safely in cosmetics It works really well for constipation and this is how it functions in MiraLAX.  

The biggest fear of PG and these other solvents is that they can form formaldehyde and acrolein (like burning fat) when they are heated.  Well, this is half-truth.  You need significant heat to produce dangerous byproducts and in effect, you’d be ‘burning’ the solution vs. ‘vaping’ it.  To dig a bit deeper, formaldehyde and acrolein are extremely harsh tasting.  If you were to vape and create any formaldehyde and/or acrolein, you’d know as it would taste so bad that you would not be able to continue.  You cannot disguise the smell or taste of formaldehyde or acrolein.  Ask any doctor who has taken a dissection class.  No joke.  Formaldehyde is not like carbon monoxide, which is odorless and tasteless.  If you were vaping and creating formaldehyde, you will clearly know it.  You would taste them and gag.   Visit this site for lots of discussions on this topic. 

Our vape hardware will avoid any particular burning issue, be it real or fabricated.  They are made for CBD vaping.  They do not use a wick and prevent ‘dry heating’ of the vape solution that can literally scorch the solution as the dry hot wick comes in contact with the solution.  This could surely allow for formaldehyde formation but again, we do not have wicks, so this is not an issue. Our heating units have been lab tested and are FDA compliant.  They do not use metals (which can end up with you having heavy metal toxicity in your body) and wicks that allow for the burning/scorching of the vape solution.  We use non-dusting silicon based ceramic as a heating element and this is the best way to go (most ceramics used in vaping hardware on the market contain aluminum oxide and this is not good for you).  The inside metal is 304 stainless steel and this metal is safe to temperatures up to 800 degrees (this is about double the temperature of most vapes).  There is no risk of heavy metal toxicity as our cartridges have been tested for such.  Safety is first for us!  It’s also a good thing our ceramic CBD vape pens do not produce enough heat to literally ‘burn’ the vape fluids.  They are only 3.7V.  The higher the voltage, the greater the heat and the greater the risk.  We do not use higher voltage hardware as there is no reason to with CBD vaping!

Vaping requires solvents (PG, VG, PEG, MCT oil, etc…) to help get the active ingredients in the vape into your system.  They also help with lowering the boiling point so less temperature is needed.   Traditional e-cigs vaping uses nicotine and artificial flavoring, and of course, these are no good for you.  This begs the question I alluded to above: are the solvents dangerous on their own or are they dangerous because they are combined with nicotine and artificial flavoring…both of which are already known to be highly toxic in your body?   This question deserves to be answered correctly.

Studies discuss the pulmonary toxicity of e-cigarettes , how e-cigs contribute to asthma, how e-cig vapor affects lung function and causes inflammation , how battery power and artificial flavorings cause cancer,  and more.  Needless to say, it appears as if traditional e-cigs vaping is quite dangerous.  I cannot discount these studies but I can critically review them and point out the ‘consistencies’ that make all these studies not apply to what we are doing with CBD vapes at Noetic Nutraceuticals.  We are not, after all, using nicotine, and we are certainly not using anything artificial.  We are using a 3.7V battery source vs. higher heat producing hardware.  We are using silicon based ceramic vs. lesser quality heating elements.  We cannot ‘burn’ the solution.  The list goes on…  The chemicals in the artificial flavoring in e-cigs are especially dangerous and we do not touch these.  The studies seem to test the combination of ALL the ingredients in e-cigs and this is an inherent flaw of the studies if we wish to isolate the solvents.  We use use pharmaceutical grade PG and PEG (the safest and most expensive PG and PEG you can use…and very few companies use them)  along with CBD and all natural terpenes.  That’s it…nothing more!

Acute effects of nicotine-free and flavour-free electronic cigarette use on lung functions in healthy and asthmatic individuals, by Boulay et al., published in Respiratory Research, February 2017, is the perfect study to reference for the topic we are discussing.  This study evaluated the effects of vaping with only PG and VG and no nicotine or anything artificial.  The findings were very interesting.  The scientists found that  ‘This study shows that a 1-hour vaping session of a high-grade and contaminant-free mixture of propylene glycol and glycerol using a commercially available electronic cigarette performed in a controlled environment does not significantly impact pulmonary functions, respiratory mechanics or symptoms in healthy or asthmatic subjects.’  WOW!  So, maybe it is the combination of ingredients that cause the harm?  That is my contention: e-cigs are dangerous due to the combination of lower quality solvents along with nicotine and dangerous chemical-based artificial flavors.  This, I fully agree with.  However, if you eliminate nicotine, artificial flavors, and use high quality clean pharmaceutical grade solvents, you basically break from any inclusion of the data in the studies.  We are dealing with a completely different animal!

Another important point to discuss is how long someone is going to vape CBD.  The study above involved individuals vaping for an hour straight and there was no lung effect.  An hour is a very long time.  With a CBD vape, you are only going to take a few to several puffs.  That’s all you need.  The combination of the terpenes with the CBD is quite efficient.  The total time per vape session would be likely no more than 30-60 seconds, maybe 1-4 times a day…if even.   Nobody is going to vape CBD for an hour, or even several minutes, for that matter.  Establishing that vaping without nicotine or artificial flavoring for an hour had no deleterious effects on the body demonstrated that PG and VG may not be as dangerous as many think.  Again, if formaldehyde was being produced, it would’ve been noted as the vapor and taste is horrible!  It’s important to read the medical literature and be able to critically assess studies.  After all, most all the studies evaluate e-cigs vapes in a finished product form and this does not apply if you are using totally different ingredients.

We blend CBD with our proprietary terpene formulation and add just enough PG and PEG to ‘activate’ the vape.  Our first vape solution, called ‘Game Changer’, has been developed for increasing mental acuity and focus, giving you more energy, and helping to reduce inflammation.  Those who have tried it, say they get a ‘kick’ out of it.  Many have said it ‘locks them in.’  Remember though, it does not have THC, but you might feel like it does.  Why?  I formulated this product to have a certain terpene profile that acts with the CBD to maximize benefits all the way around.  We are very excited about this product and we know you will enjoy it.

Our second vape solution is called ‘R ‘n’ R’, for rest and relaxation.  For this blend, I have chosen a blend of terpenes that help with relaxation, sedation, reduction of inflammation/pain, and aiding sleep.  Whereas Game Changer will be great before athletic events or for anyone who needs some focus, R ‘n’ R will be for more of an after-game effect or to aid those who need some additional relaxation and/or a more restful sleep.  I have another vape solution that will be coming soon that will address another need, but we are launching our vape line with these two first.

I hope this blog has helped clear up some issues you might have had about CBD vaping.  I realize that vaping may not be for everyone, but for those who use our vapes, we are confident that you will find them to be the best quality on the market in terms of ingredients, hardware, and concern for your safety.

The statements in this blog have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No statement in this blog or specific product discussed are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  This blog is for informational purposes only.  We ask  you to discuss all matters of this blog with your doctor before beginning use of any products herein discussed. is protected by Copyright laws.  If you wish to ‘share’ or post this blog content from , you may do so provided you share/post it in its entirety and do not alter it  in any way. Should you wish to use this content in any other fashion, you must receive written (this can be email) permission before doing so. 

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