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UPDATE: New Base Hemp Oil and Laboratory Results Page

We are happy to announce that we are changing our base hemp seed oil for our Optimize, Prime, and Revitalize products.  We have been very happy with what we currently use, but as we are always trying to improve what we create, we think this change further improves our products.  The oil remains organic and highly refined and is sourced from Canada.  It will appear a bit lighter than our current oils.  Canada has been producing hemp seed oil for some time and their technology is unmatched.  The USA has great resources and now a hugely growing market due to the recent passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, but we believe, at the current time, that the Canadian sourced hemp seed oil is of slightly better quality.  It’s a quickly evolving market and this could change, again, in the future.  However, for now, this is a move we are making to ensure our product is the best available.  As far as our organic CBD ‘concentrate’ goes, it will continue to only be USA sourced.  The grape seed oil remains organic and USA sourced, as well. We do not lose any of the benefits with the new hemp seed oil and we gain a slightly more mild taste.  The omega profile is unchanged.  We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide our customers with the best quality products as we look  non-stop to find the best ingredients.

We maintain the consistency of the quality of our products by conducting third party laboratory analyses.  These are done at Atlantic Test Labs, Inc. in Millersville, MD.  This is the best way to be sure our products have in them what we claim and this is one way how Noetic Nutraceuticals separates itself from the competition.  Nothing can match small batch product creation and along with that, nothing matches laboratory testing on those small batches.


We are also going to be creating a specific page for batch numbers of the oils and other consumables along with their laboratory testing from Atlantic Labs.  This will make it so that you can look on the side of your bottle or other product and use the batch number to find the laboratory results on our website.  Should we have other products tested (non-ingestible), the results will be posted there, as well.  We will keep this page ever-growing as it serves the function of providing you, our customers, with concrete evidence of the quality of our products.  The great expense for the lab work is well worth the proof that validates our commitment to you.  We are very proud of our high quality products and it’s very important that you have the ability to see the lab work.  We do not take shortcuts!

Please be patient as we update our website.  We will announce when all is ready with the Laboratory Batch Testing page.  Thank you for living the NN lifestyle!

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  1. Pamela Frech
    | Reply

    I haven’t found an answer to this from any of the on line retailers, is it true that CBD is better made from the pot plant with at least 3% THC in it? I wouldn’t mind having a product like that and with even a little more THC 5% to 8% do you make such a product or know that answer? That it is a better medicine product?

    • Dr. Allen Manison
      | Reply

      No. CBD is extracted from industrial hemp which has below .3% THC. In Maryland, you can go to dispensaries to obtain THC products.

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