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Vitamin D: A Key To Muscle Strength!

We all know how important Vitamin D is to so many components of health. Studies show Vitamin D is vital to many systemic processes. The more Vitamin D is studied, the more we learn about its health benefits and how powerful it is.  In fact, in many ways, Vitamin D actually acts more as a pre-steroid, than it does a vitamin!

At Noetic, our mission is to give you vital ingredients, in the safest and most effective form possible. This mission birthed our Hemp Extract products, the award winning Noetic Nasal Sprays and Nano Bursts.  Both of these products do not require digestion and liver “first pass” effect. By bypassing “first pass,” our products offer vastly superior absorption. They also give the user a worry-free experience because there is not initial liver interaction with the hemp extract, like there is with digested oils and edibles. This is most important to those who are using medications, as 80% of such require the Cytochrome P450 family of enzymes.  This can can adversely affect the breakdown of medications.

Surprisingly, Vitamin D is broken down by similar enzymes and this is why Vitamin D can be toxic to your body.  In its traditional form, it’s fat soluble and can place a significant demand on liver function if too much is ingested.

Vitamin D Benefits

Cutting edge product formulations is what Noetic is all about and we have a big one coming that we are very excited about it.

However, before we dive in completely, we want to talk about the importance of Vitamin D and muscle strength for athletes.

What do the studies say?

Chiang et al’s 2016 study titled “Effects of Vitamin D Supplementation on Muscle Strength in Athletes: A Systemic Review” gives us great data on how Vitamin D helps with muscle.

Vitamin D Builds Muscle Strength
Vitamin D helps with improving strength!

This review study looked at vitamin D concentrations in athletic people between ages 18-45. The authors identified 6 studies that passed the criteria for inclusion in the review. The authors found that there was a 1.37 to 18.75% increase in muscle strength with vitamin D supplementation of 600-5000 IU per day. (Note that this is standard Vitamin D that has probably, at best, 20% absorption.)

The study findings are quite amazing!  Though, there is that one problem. Vitamin D is one the four vitamins that are “fat soluble”. As previously mentioned, this means that the liver is very much involved in the breakdown, which can take away necessary enzymes to breakdown medications.  We want our liver to perform its function as it should, not be bogged down with breaking down excessive Vitamin D.

So many people are taking tremendous amounts of Vitamin D, and simply put, this can be toxic!

This begs the question…how can we prevent this from happening?

At Noetic Nutraceuticals, we have the answer to this question!

Vitamin D has amazing positive effects on our body and we want to help get you vitamin D in the safest form available.

Stay tuned for our big announcement and the newest way Noetic Nutraceuticals will support your health and well-being.  If you have any questions or comments, please ask below.


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  1. drskochkodpc
    | Reply

    Nano-D is VERY exciting! And logical 🙂
    Please keep me/us posted as soon as becomes available!
    – Dr. Greg

    • Dr. Allen Manison
      | Reply

      We’re awaiting the lab results…then it goes live…should only be a few days! We’re very excited about this product.

      Dr. M

    • Dr. Allen Manison
      | Reply

      It’s available!

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