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What to do First After a Concussion to Reduce the Likelihood of Brain Damage

The emphasis placed on the short and long-term damage caused by head injuries has never been greater.  Be it the NFL or children sports leagues, new protocols are coming out as research continues to look at the effects of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), or what we commonly call concussions.  Semantics play a large role in the attempt to define how bad a head injury is, with many using ‘mild’ or, mTBI, for certain head injuries.  At Noetic, we make no distinctions.  A head trauma is a head trauma.  Brain damage is brain damage.  To me as a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians, no amount of brain damage is ‘mild.’  If your child has a head trauma, be proactive with care.  Failure to do so can lead to significant injury.  No parent wants this for their child.

To address this issue, we have put to market a special CBD product that should be on the sideline or in each child/person’s sports bag for every sporting event.  Period!  This is not to say that the product is only for emergency use, as it is not.  It can safely be used for those who wish to supplement daily CBD in a very direct form without using an oil-based oral tincture.  However, due to the super fast-acting ability of this product, it has a special place for those who experience head trauma.  For those who play full contact sports like football, it’s great to use some after every game as activation of CB2 nerve receptors will help reduce inflammation and pain throughout the body.

We are proud to introduce our Noetic Nutraceuticals Nasal CBD Spray.  It is both both amazing and unique.  We formulated this product to get the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of CBD into the brain as quickly as possible.  With a head trauma, every second counts.  No matter what the protocol is for sideline concussion assessments, there is currently nothing that is being done fast enough that can help reduce the actual inflammation in the brain following a concussion.  Our product addresses this most vital need.  Why wait to establish the extent of damage when one can reduce the likelihood of damage immediately?  In fact, this product would be perfect immediately following any injury.

With head injury, there is immediate swelling on/in the brain.  This swelling can compress structures and cause a myriad of injuries.   Some can be short term and some can be permanent.  The time from when an injury occurs on the field to the time a child (or adult) gets an assessment, goes to the hospital, or is otherwise assessed, is a race against time as every second the brain swells, more injury occurs. Immediate intervention to directly reduce swelling/inflammation is of critical importance.  CBD passes through the blood brain barrier and we use the nasal passages as a means of getting CBD to the brain.  It offers you the fastest way possible to achieve this objective.  We believe no other mechanism of delivery can provide what is needed after a head injury better than our nasal CBD spray.

We advocate following the latest research in regards to concussion assessment and management, but before an athlete even gets there, we strongly believe in reducing the inflammation in the brain as quickly as possible.  We can now do this whereas before we could not.  Following the initial injury from a TBI, there are also longer lasting changes in brain chemistry.  Many individuals have issues from headaches to problems with focusing to anxiety, depression and more.  CBD has been shown to help with many of these issues. It is a safe and effective means of helping  you or a loved one recover from a brain injury.

Read more about CBD’s great effects for concussions here and consider how important this information is when it comes to reducing the likelihood of brain injury.  Time is of the essence.  Help mimimize the damage with Noetic Nutraceuticals Nasal CBD Spray.

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