Noetic Nutraceuticals was created when an extreme sports athlete and a top-level sports rehabilitation specialist came together to make healing CBD products to better people’s lives.

Noetic Rock Climb Bill

Bill Dierker is a life-long extreme athlete. He was introduced to CBD while skiing out west and in search of something to help his damaged shoulder. He experienced an incredible reduction in pain and inflammation; and his quest began to create a company that delivers unsurpassed quality CBD products at the best possible prices. His vision has materialized and now he’s on a mission to bring you the benefits of CBD so that your body and mind can function at their highest level.

Dr. Allen Manison is a high-level sports rehabilitation specialist with 20 years of practice.  He has a wealth of experience with most supplement product lines on the market and has always had a thirst for knowledge.  He is also an insulin diabetic, since age eight, and has continually looked for ways to optimize his diabetic control.  When Dr. Manison found that CBD helped him maintain tighter blood sugar, he began collecting hundreds of medically indexed studies that discussed CBD and its positive effects on the body.  After personally and professionally seeing the amazing results of CBD, it is his wish to bring this vital information to you.