Who is Noetic Nutraceuticals?

Noetic Rock Climb BillAn extreme sports athlete and a committed sports rehabilitation specialist got together and decided to create amazing products to better the lives of everyone from the desk job person to the top professional athletes, and everyone in-between.

Bill Dierker has been an avid athlete his whole life and has experienced some significant injuries along the way.  From a broken talus to a torn hamstring to a SLAP tear and more, Bill has tried both allopathic and natural ways to deal with his myriad of injuries over the years.  During an endurance ski race at Steamboat in Colorado in March 2016, he visited a local dispensary to see if there was anything that could help with the shoulder pain he was experiencing.  He was introduced to CBD oil and after experiencing an incredible reduction in pain and inflammation; his quest began to create an amazing company to bring to market the best quality products at the best prices possible.  Bill has spent considerable time at many conferences learning about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and how to best trigger it to work at an optimal level.  Noetic Nutraceuticals is his vision and now that it’s come to fruition, he’s on a quest to bring all the benefits of a properly functioning ECS to you.

Dr. Allen Manison has been a high level sports rehabilitation specialist for 20 years. He has experience with most supplement product lines on the market and has always had a thirst for knowledge and a yearning to help people. An insulin diabetic since he was 8 years old (we won’t say how old he is now!), Dr. Manison has always looked for ways to improve his health so as to optimize his diabetic control. Dr. Manison’s experience with CBD is rather unique. The benefit he experienced was tighter blood sugar control. Although he was already in great shape, he found that the CBD somehow lowered blood sugar levels and he could reduce his insulin dosage. He researched this intriguing result and found that the ECS, acting as the master homeostatic mechanism of the body, was likely better regulating the anti-insulin hormones of the body: primarily glucagon, epinephrine, and cortisol. Although this is his experience and he, of course, cannot tout this benefit to others as it is his individual experience and his experience is anecdotal, he did begin collecting hundreds of medically indexed studies that discuss CBD and its effect on the body. Now he wishes to bring this necessary information to all of you to help you be as healthy as you can be. In his practice, Dr. Manison believes in addressing the structural, chemical, and mental aspects of our health. A properly functioning ECS is of utmost importance to not only a reduction in pain and inflammation on the structural side, but also to a properly functional mental side through the CB1 receptors.