Due to the requests from our customers, we have decided to create a line of vapes.  Our vapes will be nothing like others on the market.  They will have the highest quality cartridge in production (meaning no wicks, plastics, or metals that can leach into your product and otherwise create carcinogens) and vape fluids that have only what you need to derive benefits without the dangers of nicotine, artificial flavors, and dangerous solvents.  We are almost done with this product and we believe they are the best quality vape on the market.  Of course, they are formulated with our ‘Products with a purposeTM‘ focus.  Get ready for a new and amazing product line from Noetic Nutraceuticals!

Before we launch them, we will post a lengthy blog, with studies, to substantiate all our hardware (cartridge, battery) and software (what’s in the fluid) that go into making our unique vapes.  It has taken an extensive amount of time and effort to produce this product and we emphasize quality and safety above everything else.