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Product:Current Batch #Batch 1 - Lab Lot # - Test DateBatch 2 - Lab Lot # - Test Date
Optimize 1200mg Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract OilO-10044O-10043CONO-17-53 / 7/29/2019
Prime 600mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract OilP-10086P-10045 / 10/28/201930535-7 / 10/1/2018
Revitalize 300mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract OilR-1004730434-5 / 9/11/2018 30434-5 / 11/20/2018
Optimize Isolate 1200mg Hemp Extract OilOI-10069
Prime Isolate 600mg Hemp Extract OilPI-10070
Revitalize Isolate 300mg Hemp Extract OilRI-10071
SoftGels 750mg Full SpectrumSG-10080
Nasal Spray 500mgNS-10048
R3 Nasal Spray 500mgNSRNR-10063
Nasal Spray Game Changer 500mgGCN-10079
Nano Bursts 2.5mgNB25-10059
Nano Bursts 5mgNB5-10060
Nano Bursts 10mgNB10-10068NB10-10031 /10/23/2019
Nano Bursts 10mg R3
Nano Bursts 10mg Game Changer
Soothe Everything Skin SalveS-100521/1/0535 / 9/11/2018
Face Cream - Copaiba and Hemp Extract
Hemp Lip Balm
Freeze-Eaze 300mg Hemp ExtractFE300-10065FE300-10027
Freeze-Eaze 300mg
Complete Heat 300mgCH300-10061CH300-10023 / 2/27/2019
Massage Oil 1500mg Hemp ExtractMO-10067
Pet Products:
Morgan's Magic Pet Tincture 600mgMM-10053
Freeze-Eaze 450mg HPLFE450-10057
Complete Heat 450mg HPLCH450-10058
Skin Salve 400mg HPLS-10064
Nano Bursts 20mg HPLNB20-10075
Maximize 1800mg Hemp Extract Oil HPLM-10073
Maximize Isolate 1800mg HPL